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Pro Staff


I am always looking for Professional ProStaffers.

If you fit any of the following: Goose Calling Competitions - Guide Service – Known for your results and dedication.

Live in 1 of these States – Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Montana, North Dakota, Virginia.

Contact me and include your detailed information.

Kevin Allen

Kevin Allen

I am a 33 year old avid hunter. I am married with four children and one step-son. I was born and raised in Northeast Pennsylvania. I have been hunting my whole life. My seasons never end. I go from deer to waterfowl then crows to turkeys. I have always had a passion for calling animals "anyone can get lucky but it takes skill to be able to do it over and over". Hunting and calling is what I live for!

Scott Doak

Scott Doak

33 yrs. old. Married with 4 great boys. He has been hunting Ducks for the last 12 yrs. He belongs to a great hunting club in Colorado. Does the majority of his hunting along the South Platte River, but the club has given him a chance to hunt some nice lakes and ponds. 2 of his boys hunt with him, which really makes it fun. Scott says "I think sometimes I could just put the gun down and watch the boys put the smackdown on some birds". Scott also enjoys dog training. He has a female 3 yr old black lab named Abby. She has a HR (Hunting Retriever) title and he will be trying to put a HRCH (Hunting Retriever Champion) title on her next year. Scott has leaped into Goose hunting in the last 3 yrs, and is still learning the ropes on how these big birds work. Each year he shoots a few more during the Season. But, Scott will tell you this "My real passion is for Ducks - to me there is nothing more exciting than a flock of greenheads locked up and comin in to me. That is the best".

Tony Hartlage

Tony Hartlage

Owner of Wingtispdown LLC. 44 yrs old, married to my fantastic wife “Cindy”, 1 stepson and 2 boys. I remember walking without a gun at 8 yrs old, just to prove myself around my dad and uncles while rabbit hunting. Once old enough, and trusted to be safe, it was onto squirrels, doves, quail, deer and turkey. I was introduced to waterfowl hunting in 1997. Hunting has been a huge part of my life. Since then, I have found my place in the waterfowl world. I first spent all my time prototyping, making and selling custom turned calls. I was the first callmaker to frost the acrylic, instead of polishing. After 6 yrs of great success, I am introducing my own line of molded calls. It is something that I've wanted to do since day one of making calls. A memory lasts as long as you can talk about it, but pictures will be here as long as they are saved. I would like to personally thank you for visiting our site.

Don Jacobs


36 years old, married 17 years with 3 bird dogs. He has been waterfowl hunting for over 20 years and has no problem harvesting birds or anything else that he decides to hunt. He operates two websites dedicated to waterfowl hunters, outdoorsmen and women. Don spent 5 years as a Big Game Hunting Guide in Colorado, he now pursues the true passion of goose/duck hunting and, like all of us here at Wingtipsdown, "the calling is in our BLOOD". Let him tell you from experience, “It is a rush to get a big bull elk into archery range, but it is a bigger thrill to have 200 geese wings locked and feet down”.


Wyatt Jackson

Wyatt Jackson has hunted all his life and if he wasn't hunting he was in the outdoors. He has taken his passion for the outdoors from a dream to a near future reality. He is majoring in Wildlife Conservation Management at Missouri Western State University in hopes to become a Refuge Manager one day to pass on the wildlife to future generations. He spends many weekends up at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge working to improve habitat or helping in wildlife surveys. If he isn't working at Squaw Creek or putting on a Hunter Education Program he is hunting. He has hunted everything from Antelope in Wyoming to Pheasant in Kansas to Black Bear in Minnesota, but his passion is Waterfowl. His dad, Dale Jackson, introduced him to waterfowl at a early age and that was all he needed to create the spark. He is a member of his local chapter of Ducks Unlimited, Kamp Outdoors, and a local ducks club called Mallard Mafia. He spends many of his waterfowl days hunting private lands in Southwest Missouri or conservation lands in Northwest Missouri. Even when hunting season is over he still is thinking about hunting. He currently raises AKC labs and trains his own. He loves to hunt and loves to watch his dog Chubbs work.


Keith Merciers

Keith Merciers

34 yrs old , born and raised in North East Arkansas directly on the Mississippi Fly Way, Keith has been waterfowl hunting nearly his whole life and would not know what to do without it ! Keith says "such a sport cannot be described in words only - it's in memories of the hunt and understanding that we are the care takers of the sport. One Musical Call and some great friends is what makes it what it is today for him". He's not always this nice though - he will show you exactly how a local boy puts the smack on some Ducks.

Ryan Ridner

I am 21 years old and nothing thrills me more than hearing the "thud" of a 12 lb. honker hitting the ground. I was born and raised here in central Indiana, and currently live in a nice apartment with my beautiful girlfriend Kara. I have been hunting since I was about 7 years old, but did not start hunting waterfowl until I was about 15. A friend put a short reed call in my hand and I picked it right up. I was hooked. Waterfowl hunting is a true passion of mine, and I am proud to represent WingTipsDown calls. 

Tom Morrison

Tom Morrison

Tom is an outdoor writer of some 20+ years in Ontario, Canada as well as webmaster of Southwestern Ontario Bow & Gun (www.swobg.com). Married with 6 children of which one is still at home 14 yr. old JT, an up and coming duck/goose competition caller in his own right and an avid waterfowl hunter. 

Tom has been hunting since the age of 14 when his father introduced him to the sport. Waterfowl, deer and turkey hunting are his favorite game in that order. 
"I'm at the point now where I can pass the fun and excitement of hunting to my youngest son and I enjoy taking pictures and videos of our hunts together. When I can't get up in the morning for a good goose hunt, it'll be time to pack it in, but for now, no alarm is required for a snowy, cold December goose smackdown and I hope I'll never need one."

Tom resides in Kingsville, ON just about 1.5 kilometres from the Jack Miner's Bird Sanctuary and hunts about the same distance away in a good friend's pit blind for late season honkers. 

Tom adds "I came to Tony at WingTipsDown because of his knowledge in call making and his commitment to giving help wherever and whenever he can to fellow waterfowl hunters on call making and calling. That type of service and dedication is not at all common in a very competitive market and it's greatly appreciated."

Dustin Washburn

I am a 24 year old, born and raised in Hays, Kansas. I grew up hunting mostly upland game, but at 16 a few buddies and I decided to get into chasing waterfowl and it's been a passion of mine ever since. I played 4 years of college baseball which interfered with some of my hunting plans, but now that I'm graduated, I spend as much time as possible hunting waterfowl. I'm married to my high school sweetheart, Emily and we have a yellow lab, Riley. I spend a majority of my waterfowling days in a field setting rather than over water. I live in the heart of the central flyway, about an hour from historic Cheyenne Bottoms, which regularly holds over 1 million migrating waterfowl. My passion for the outdoors goes beyond hunting. I also spend many spring and summer days chasing crappie and walleye.