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Got the Worn - In guts yesterday, and after quite a bit of tuning and retuning got them set up real slick!!

Threw them in a old Comp Killer and man do they sing, sound awesome. You have really hit the nail on the head with this set of BIG's, you should sell a ton of them.
Good luck!!

I got the new guts tuned today and they sound awesome. They have great range and run fast. 

Tony - man these are sick!

Guys, The new worn guts are ridiculous. They are exactly what I was looking for!

$20 for a set of guts that sound like this is unreal, I hope you do well. Maybe look at a package with extra reeds in the near future.

I worked these guts into a .619 - took me forever, but they are crazy....... Thank you.

Your Worn In Guts. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sure my buddies will be contacting you before the season.
Thank you,

I can see what you did in the picture, but whatever you did from the old to the new worn in guts is absolutely nuts. I have more air control running the new style. The old style was great, but these are perfect. You got it. Way to go!

They are awesome !! I have been using the NEW worn in guts for the last week. They have great range and run fast. I had no problems tuning them, Tony has pics on the site that show a good starting point for tuning.

Tony, We will be using your snow goose call in Sask this fall again. Sounded good, helped bring em in closer.


Just a quick thank you - for the Pitch’d Long Insert call. I have blown a lot of different calls, and every hunter has their “go to call” when the pressure is on. Your Pitch’d Long Insert call has earned the number 1 place on my lanyard. It allows me to easily make all the sounds I like to finish geese with. This call has been on my lanyard for 2 seasons now, and I can honestly say my goose calling has improved vastly due to the ease and operation of the call! It’s been from Saskatchewan to southern Illinois, and I always have other hunters ask me what that call is I’m blowing! Keep up the good work!
Bill Willroth
Dakota Decoy
Vermillion, SD

I received my Psycho today...I love it! This call is the best kept secret! Out of the box, the Psycho was perfect and you tuned her up exactly how I requested. The range is amazing! It is almost like having two calls because I could run her up to a loud and high pitched hail...then down to a low-raspy murmur with ease. What's more is, I can tell that when the reed loosens up she is going to be DEEEEP and all gander for those late season migrators. Thanks again for everything! You will have me as a return customer!!! Especially if you get some WTD beanies (hint hint)…You have me hooked!
Bob from MA

I wanted to thank you in some way. First off, I received the Psycho and could not believe the sounds I could make. I have ran my other hunting calls for years during our season and never put much thought into where the deeper sounds come from. You explained to me that if I could run a call and had the air to push a call, then I could drive the Psycho. Man is it sweet.
Thanks, Jeff from Canada

I received the Goose call last week and thought I would take the time to send you an email. The call is absolutely great. I would suggest the call I purchased for anyone that likes a very versatile call. Kill’n Time long insert. Thanks for helping me pick the call for my calling style over the phone.
Mark from Illinois 10.10.09

Tony, when I didn’t see you at the Strader show this past year I thought you were like so many others. WOW, is was wrong. Talking with you on the phone was a pleasure. Thanks so much for helping me pick a call. Please use this as a Testimonial on your site. The Pitch’d long insert is such a great sounding call that is so easy to use. Hopefully you can make it up our way someday. The hunt is on me.
Mark from Ohio 10.13.09

Tony – the Tombstone duck call showed up in my mail box Wednesday. I was very impressed from just opening the package, your call box looks great and only compliments the call that is inside. It runs like a dream. It is my go to call this year. Thanks
Eric from Virginia 10.18.09

Dude, when the secret gets out it’s going to get nuts. Thanks for the calls and service.
David from Wisconsin 10.16.09

Hey guys I just wanted to report to you guys about the new molded calls Tony at Wing Tips Down is putting out. I am usually pretty quite about these things and don’t say much. Well Tony has built some calls that everyone needs to know about.

I received some of these calls this week along with his new guts and tuned them up. I can report these calls ROCK!!! I tinkered around with them and shaved a few reeds and all I can say is WOW!!!! Any sound you want and they are easy to take care of and tune. 
He also sent me one of the Tombstone duck calls and that is the only call I will be using. It freaking rocks!!!! I can see blowing this call in a meat competition no problem.
Don from Colorado 10.28.09

Tony, thanks for the great Duck and Goose call set. I have actually replaced my Acrylic calls with your 2 molded calls this year. You have some amazing sounds. 
Jay from Michigan 10.28.09

Purchased 2 calls. The molded Pitch’d long insert goose, CW edition, and a molded Tombstone duck call. I am still trying to learn how to call and mimic the sounds of what I hear the animals make but these calls are by far the best sounding I have. I let a friend that is much better at calling use my duck call and he sounded awesome. I have other calls and compared them all to the calls from WingtipsDown - there is no comparison.
Todd from Colorado 10.29.09

Tony! This Psycho call I received is sick… I love the call and for $55 it is even better. I wish you well in the future and I will be back for more calls.
Chad from Indiana 10.29.09

The Goose “Long Call” you're making has quickly become one of my favorites. It looks and sounds excellent. It has a rich tone that's easy to blow.  Thanks for the great call. 
Jeff – Dynamic Decoys 2005

I am writing to tell ya that since I got the new Money Shot Woods duck call, I have been having better success than normal. The early season has been tough but your call has made it easier. The crisp “ducky” sounds of this call are second to none. I have also used the Open Water call several times for the birds that are way out. Once I get their attention, I then switch to the sweet talkin' Woods call. The other day a wad of birds flew over around 250 yds up - I grabbed the Open Water call hit a hail call - as soon as I finished the lead bird just dropped out of the air, it was amazing the other birds followed and the rest was history. Once again, Tony, thanks for the great products I know they are helping me fill my freezer this year...
Scott, from CO, 2005

The Goose Short Call allows me to truly talk to a goose on their level. All the geese that we shot today flew out the back side going away from us. We turned them, worked them and landed them.
Billy – 2004 - Endless Limit Guide Service

The Woods Duck Call is now my favorite call. I had great response the entire season with the call. Some Ducks wanted nothing but a few notes and others wanted everything we could throw at them. I can definitely say it works well for us.
Brian - 2004

I have used the Open Water Duck Call quite a bit and had really good success with it. I have been using it for field mallards coming off a lake about a mile away. I can get them to listen while they are way out and then I muffle it with my hands to tone it down for in close. I have set up to 300 mallards in the goose spread. Just from that, I would say it is an awesome call. 
PS: Make that louder call for out here in Colorado.
Don – 2004 - USAWaterfowl

Many more to come……….